A woman confronts you, stepping sharply out in front of you from around a corner as you are walking through town.
“High Magister Izkrael, you really should be more careful. You’d make a tempting target for any number of lowlifes that might pass through this fine ’burg.” She smiles as she speaks, an attractive young lady, perhaps in her early 20s. She’s wiry and well muscled for a lady, which is obvious, due to her revealing style of dress. She’s wearing light chain, but she’s dressed as to expose as much of her chest, legs, hips and arms as possible and still be considered both clothed and lightly armored. Braces of daggers adorn her thighs and back with a pair of scabbards dangling from her belt as well. ‘Festooned with small bladed objects’ one might say.
“As a swordlord of Restov (cough…in training…cough), I, Galena Morozov, would be pleased to personally deal with your safety. With my years of practice, I would be able to ensure that no mere martial threat could bring you harm.”

“Hmmm. Thank you kind citizen, but we are as safe as safe could be. I am sure Kesten is doing an admirable job, keeping the streets of the Bulwark safe. And as the second son of the Grand Astronomer to the House Orlovsky, I am trained in the martial arena and ready to defend myself. As well as the lady’s honor of course.”

She glances around and furrows her brow, clearly frustrated.
“Please your honor…I only seek to prove myself vigilant and deadly in the service of one such as yourself. I’ve trained for 6 years with the Swordlords and I am ready for a real assignment as a guardian to a high mage…but the shackles of formality dictate that I train yet another 10 years before being given such an assignment in Restov. I have left my schooling behind to be here for you because I know I’m ready for the challenge. I thought for sure that out here in this…umm,” she searches for the right word, “rural….locale, you’d be more accepting? Perhaps even eager to have someone of my caliber at your side?”

“Only by following through on our commitments can we achieve greatness in life. Return to the training of the Swordlords and finish your training. When you have completed your training, find me again and we can speak of your service.”


Kingmaker Shallow