aka Bulwog. Manipulative and thieving bard who finds himself the Baron of his own kingdom.


Birth of a Baron

In the rough and brutal wild
Was once born a slight half-orc child

Though he was weak and small of frame
His mother foresaw a leader with riches and fame

On weak tiny shoulders such hopes were piled
Others saw a spoiled Mammas boy to be reviled

The youngster was small but quick of wit
And many young orcs hated him because of it

Often beaten and knocked about
He became tough but full of doubt

Knowing he’d never fit in among the clan
He made up his mind and crafted a plan

He would leave the tribe and go on his own
To make his way in the great unknown

Times were tough for the growing young lad
Living on the streets wits and charm all he had

He made his way with unsavory bands
Developing his sword arm and nimble hands

Astray of the straight and narrow path
He nearly died from a life of sin and wrath

He struggled to live, each day a fight
If god would let him continue he would make it right

Now healthy, he relinquishes his life of crime
He would make amends and do right this time

He will give rather than take
And do all he can for others sake

Build a place of peace and charity
A home of fortune and prosperity

Where people trust and rely on each other
A leader and living up to the prophesy of his mother


Kingmaker Russell