Wilderness and Balance loving Wolf Shaman


Anadil is the eldest child (and only son) of a major tradesman from the town of Silverhall in the kingdom of Brevoy. While growing up, Anadil was trained to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was taught writing and arithmetic at an early age, and once in his teens he accompanied his father on his trading expeditions. During these travelling years, Anadil was far more interested in caring for the horses, and studying the natural world around him.

Anadil’s father was a trusting (some would say naïve) man, who was frequently taken advantage of in his business dealings. He had a fundamental belief in the goodness and nobility of men and the laws of society to protect its citizens. However, there was little room for goodness or nobility when money was involved, and in most cases, the law couldn’t be counted on to address his father’s grievances. Time and again, his father would fall victim to the incompetence of his partners, or he would be cheated or bullied into changing the terms of a deal in mid stream. And time and again, Anadil’s faith in society would diminish. Anadil responded by spending more and more time secluded in the woods in the outskirts of town.

When Anadil was 16, his father was given an “opportunity” by some fo the local nobility to participate in a small coup to remove a fellow noble named Uthsted, who had been caught working with local bandits. The local sheriff would not prosecute Uthsted for fear of the bandits, though he used Uthsted’s noble blood as an excuse. The conspirators would hire mercenaries to kill off the bandits, and force Uthsted into exile, installing Anadil’s father in Uthsted’s place. Anadil’s father would supply most of the money, while the nobles would each contribute some of their household retinue as added muscle. Even though it was against his father’s nature, Anadil’s father agreed, after lots of persuasion. The funds were paid, the mercenaries were hired, and the appropriate bribes were made. At the 11th hour, one of the conspirators backed out, and warned Uthsted. The plot was botched, and Uthsted was killed. The local sheriff had been bribed to turn a blind eye to the impending exile, but he had to intervene in the case of a murdered noble. Anadil’s father was implicated by the other conspirators, and in an ironic twist, he was forced into exile.

Anadil believes that the structures of an advanced society lead to hypocrisy and evil. The laws are in place only to help those in power. While a kingdom may speak platitudes about honor, justice and protection, it has a definite bias in how its laws are enforced. It was obvious, from watching his father’s troubles, that underneath the veneer of society, most people were selfish, brutish creatures, willing to press any advantage they have to get what they want. Contrast this with the brutal harmony of nature. There are no pretentions of goodness or nobility. In nature, only the strongest, smartest, fastest survive, and every creature has a role to play. Nature follows its own internal logic and balance, untainted by good intentions, or fake ideals.

Anadil took the opportunity to leave home, joining the expedition in order to become closer to nature, and explore a wild land in its most natural form. He had no intentions of founding the Barony of Verland, but since this is how events have unfolded, he’s determined to make the most of his opportunity. He would like to found a society where the laws are simple, unambiguous, and easy to follow and enforce. There can be no gray area in the laws to allow loopholes. Complex systems lead to abuse and exploitation. Anadil also hopes to preserve as much of the natural land as possible, to help the government of Verland see the wild lands as a boon and a blessing, and not scar the face of the land with the evils of society.


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