Verland Persists

The heroes have spent the last couple months exploring the areas to the south of Bulwark. Deals have been made with both a nixie and a dryad to arrange something resembling an intelligence network. The ancient elven keep to the west and the hidden barrow to the east have both been swept clean of evil denizens and had their treasures claimed.

Upon a recent return to Bulwark, the heroes were confronted with local unrest being drummed up by a rabble rouser named Grigori. They proceeded to catch him in the act of using charm effects on the local populace and were able to successfully prosecute a case against him. Being convicted by a jury of his peers, Grigori was put to death by the barony’s executioner in the public square.

After touching base with the hermit Bokken to the north, the party set out to further explore areas to the southeast of Bulwark. Amongst the challenges they faced were a monstrous Tendriculos, the notorious worg Howl-of-the-North-Wind and a devious beast known as a Leucrotta.

The network of the rivers and their crossings in the southeast of the Greenbelt have been mapped and now the heroes turn their attention to the rumours surrounding Candlemere Lake and a missing child.

The residents of the upstart barony of Verland work hard everyday to build a future on this frontier and struggle on amidst a stagnating economy.



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